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Guest Book


Thanks for visiting my website.  I've closed the guest book for a while as I don't have enough time to maintain it at the moment.  Comments from previous visitors are saved below.

name: Meryl
From: Llanelli
message: Hello Rob
Just found website. Great. I have a small collection, pride of place is a vase by Jane Brewer, 'Puffins at Portland' . Looking to increase collection.
Best wishes

name: Robert J R Young
From: Ashburton
message: Hi Rob, my Great Grandfather was James Radley Young. I have just found your website and have enjoyed looking through it albeit too briefly. I will return when I have more time, but just wanted to say hi and well done with all of this. I have a good collection myself and will be back to chat more sometime.
Best wishes

Hi Rob, It's great to hear from someone with family connections to the very early days of Poole Pottery, and its nice to know you also collect Poole also.  Best wishes, Rob


name: Marion
From: Suffolk
message: Thanks for the fantastic information on your site - just identified a 352 pot, xp/sweet pea by Winifred Collett.


name: Gail M.
From: Brampton, Ontario
message: Great site - lots of information available.
I just purchased a shape 32 by Loretta Leigh and I 
noticed that she only painted for one year 1970. I
didn't see any other pieces on your site in that color or pattern


name: Alison
From: Melbourne, Australia
message: Thanks Rob. I'm new to Poole and after studying your site now I feel like a minor expert! 


name: Richard
From: Wimborne Minster
message: Just added a Lamp (443 / WS) to my collection. Thanks for a great site.


name: Simone
From: New York City, US
message: Thanks very much for putting so much effort and time into beautifully sharing your deep knowledge & passion for Poole! I am so happy to have been a visitor-& will surely be a regular.
I just scored a beauty of an 84 Vase yesterday & came directly here to see if I could confirm that it's a Nellie Bishton (I thought) & what years. I'd love to share a couple images.


Hi Simone, Thank you for visiting. If you want to share any photos of your vase please feel free to email me.  There's a link at the bottom of the page.

Best wishes



name: Evon Aherne (ne Randall)
From: Fuengirola, Spain
message: Hello Rob, I have managed to hang on to some of my Poole pottery collection that I acquired originally when I was working in the show rooms at Poole Pottery between 1961 and 1964. I was put in charge of, what was called the studio ware, in a new area created especially for it. I left in December 1964 just at the takeover of Pilkingtons. I have some original trial pieces, a 10 inch vase individually decorated by Robert Jefferson, which was given to me as a leaving present is particularly interesting. Thought you may be interested in a little history. Thanks for your time Evon Aherne


Hi Evon, thank you commenting in the guest book here. I love hearing any stories from People who were connected with Poole Pottery, and you worked there at such an exciting period.  Your Robert Jefferson Vase Sounds quite spectacular.   What a lovely leaving present.  Best wishes, Rob



name: Teresa smith
From: poole
message: HI interesting site I too was a delphis painter the same time as Wendy smith Beverly mantel , val pulled and Ron was upstairs in the studio with Cynthia..etc I think for a year or so as was approx 16/17 at the time.. So my initials were TS have pieces still that I made though have not seen in any books a note of this as part of the delphis painters ta that period of time.? who should I contact to find out more?

Hi Teresa, thank you for getting in touch.  Over the years a few of the Poole painters have been in touch with me via the website and its always a joy to hear from someone who was there working at the pottery during such an exciting period.  Actually I have heard your name before, on a list of painters names, compiled by the Poole Pottery Collectors Club, who's marks have not been recorded in the Hayward and Atterbury book.  It would be great to see an example of your mark if you are able to send a photo, I should think Leslie Hayward and the Collectors Club would also really be interested to include you on their lists.  You can find the collectors club online and although I haven't made any contact with Leslie Hayward, but I think some of the collectors that I do know will be able to pass on your details to him too.  The guest book here isn't the easiest way to communicate, but right at the bottom of my web pages there is a "contact me" link which will let you have my email address if you wanted to contact me that way.  Best wishes, Rob



name: Brigid
From: Hythe, Kent
message: Keep dipping into this amazing site: it's akin to the Tardis. Congratulations. I too fell in love with Poole by default in the form of a pin dish gift (49, BN LL, POOLE over a dolphin England below).Thanks to your site I'm learning a great deal about the other pieces I now have!



name: Patricia
From: Westerville, OH
message: Wow what an ambitious and fabulous website. You are the man! Thank you so much for all the information!



name: Anita
From: Ottawa, Canada
message: Quite an eyeful of great Poole Pottery from beginning to end!! You are a true top collector and its just great that you share your super finds and passion for Poole with all of us out here in the web wonderland! Finding your website last year in '13 started me off on my growing Poole Pottery collection. Many thanks for the push in the right direction!!

My Aunt Phyllis Allen was a paintress at Poole in the late 20's until mid 30's. The Allen family's home and coal business was just opposite the original Poole Pottery site along Poole Quay. Not too far to go to work for Phyl. I have about 10 pieces of her artwork now....from Ebay this year. Like you started with the later Poole Pottery pieces and graduated to the older orig. Art Deco pots etc. More interesting and decorative to me. 



name: Krista
From: Wallingford, CT USA
message: I am so very happy to have found your website. The content is so interesting and helpful. The photographs are beautiful. 

I know so very little about Poole Pottery. I only became aware of it a few days ago when I happened to see some items for sale. I immediately fell in love with items. I am in the process of scheduling an appointment with the seller to see the items. The information I've found here has been so helpful. I will be more confident about making a decision to buy (or not) and at what price. Thank you! 



name: Carol
From: Broadstairs, Kent
message: Rob, your site is such a wealth of information - and so beautifully presented. It is invaluable when I am researching my items. I just wanted to record a big thank you and let you know how much it is appreciated.



name: Viviana 
From: London
message: Good evening,
I have 2 Poole plates and I would like to know how much they worth, it would be nice if you can help me.
One plate is small, 10 cm diameter the number on the back is 49, and the other plate is oval, 30 by 20 ish and the number on the back is 91.
Thank you very much for your time.


Hi Viviana

Its sounds like your plates are either from the Delphis or Aegean ranges that Poole made in the later 1960's and 1970's.  The prices these sell for depends quite a lot on the individual designs as they are all so different.  Depending on what you have I think your small plate could be worth anything from £10 to £60,  your larger oval plate a little but more.  If you wanted to send a photo via the "Contact me" link at the botom of the page I could probably tell you more. Best wishes, Rob



name: Phil
From: Ringwood
message: Rob this is an amazing website! You've inspired me to learn more about a pottery which has always been a part of the family! Being from a Poole family and, as a child, seeing the factory in full production your knowledge has enriched me and our families small collection of Poole pieces!
Keep on collecting and we need your wonderful 'virtual' museum to help and inspire us!



name: EDWARD
message: HI. What a super site for poole collectors really chuffed to see some of my collection shown.



name: mark 
From: Ilfracombe
message: Lovely to see recent pictures in Your Pots, groups of deco Poole are always delightful.



name: Mary 

From: Horsham
message: Guild crafts (poole) ltd. Two small pin trays one circular and one 4 sided but not square each showing a kingfisher. Can you help me date and also is this poole pottery.

Hi Mary 

 "Guild Crafts (Poole) Ltd.", a company that I think traded in Torquay until 1987.  I think they were in business for a decade or so.  I don't know very much about them but I think they must have been making pottery in Poole, but were not Poole Pottery

I have one example of their production that I reall quite like here



name: Debbie
From: Coral Springs, FL USA
message: Wonderful photos, thorough information. I so enjoyed my time on this site. I didn't know very much about Poole pottery. I leave, knowing I'll return to this site, to continue my exploration. Certainly going to pass on this web address. 



name: Brenda
From: Reus, Tarragona, Spain
message: Whilst browsing in a second-hand shop the other day, I came across a beautiful piece of Poole Pottery. From your website I can see it's part of a Twintone coffee set , the sugar bowl, to be precise. There is a pattern of a dolphin engraved underneath.Just to say thanks to your website I was able to identify the piece, it was designed by the artisan Robert Jefferson.


name: Maggie
From: Bournemouth
message: Hi Rob.
I have not looked at your website for sometime.
I am currently bidding on a small freeform vase and the seller makes reference to your site.
It is a great site and acts as a good reference book.
There are patterns I have never seen in my time as a dealer and collector of poole pottery.
A friend of mine recently viewed your site and now has me looking for a vase he saw in the fauna gallery.
I will pass your website details to the Poole Collectors club unless you have already done this?
Kind regards


name: Sian
From: Poole
message: Great site Rob. I used to work for Poole Pottery in the 60's. My best friend from school is Margaret Anderson, who painted some of the Delphis ware. We are still in touch after 50 years! 
Good Poole Pottery auctions at Cottees in Wareham. 


Hi Sain, thank you for leaving a comment.  Its always great to hear from people who worked at Poole and so nice your still in touch with Margaret.  The site has put me in contact with a few of the Delphis painters over the years and always so nice to hear any Poole related stories.



Hi...i have a brooch that  is stamped Poole England and has a style number B4. I have tried to identify  the artist who designed  it, all i have come up  is a couple of designs that are different to mine. I think it could be a rare piece and i would like to know if it is and who the designer was. Please can you help me or point me in the right direction...Kind Regards Danielle Cambridge


Hi Danielle, I'm sorry I cant identify the artist but from the link you sent me the vase is from the living glaze range



name: Ann Marie
From: Co. Laois
message: I picked up a small brown & cream vase at a car boot sale many years. It says POOLE and underneath England which is inside a rectangle and I think it could be a flower and A18 beside it. 
Ann Marie, Ireland

Hi Ann Marie

A18 will be the shape number and the A indicated that your vase is from the Atlantis range, produced in the Poole Studio in the 1970s, the flower might be the mark used by the potter Beatrice Bolton who worked from 1972-74.  Sounds like a nice pot to find in a car boot sale.


31 December 2013

name: Derek
From: Canberra, Australia
message: Great website Rob - I'm very impressed. I have built up my collection of twintone (mushroom and sepia) over the years - it's my favourite. I'd love to visit the UK to find some more. Your website has really inspired me to keep going. Thank you for pulling all this great info together.

16 November 2013

name: Carolyn 
From: Harrogate
message: Fantastic information. I have learned such a lot. Bought a little preserve pot with a lid at a junk shop for £1 and found out the age and that Hilda Trim decorated it....Amazing!. Nice to have its history. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


13 November 2013

name: Maggie
From: Rugeley. UK
message: This is BRILLIANT as it helped me identify painters mark's from items bought in auction to sell on Ebay. You're now in my favourites Rob!!

09 November 2013

name: Bev
From: Peterborough, UK
message: What a brilliant website, love all the photos and the detailed history. The marks pages is exactly what I was looking for, but the places Poole can be seen I didn't expect, but now I may go visiting them. Thank you very much Rob, whoever you are :)


23 October, 2013

name: Anne
From: London
message: Hello, I was washing a vase I have had for about 35 years, since a friend gave it to me when her mother was "downsizing" and for the first time I noticed it has a mark - "Carter Stabler Adams Ltd Poole England" and a number scratched in - 211. I googled the company name and I think your website is excellent!. I have always loved the shape and colour of this vase. I'm thrilled to find it's Poole pottery and of an age. Thank you so much - I shall probably follow this up in detail. 

21 October, 2013

name: wessex bird of prey rescue
From: poole
message: Nice site, have just sold a one off hand painted Barred Owl on E bay which was donated by Poole Pottery 7 years ago
It sold for £1000
Not bad seeing to valuations put it at £350 and £400 (although both stated as a one off it could raise considerably more)


From: Llanelli
Date: 06 February, 2013


Hi Rob,Fantastic site, lots of information just what I need, trying to build a collection,
I love the Delphis, just love it all really, well nearly all.Thanks again for all the info.

Name: Susan
From: Australia
Date: 17 January, 2013


Excellent site! I have just started collecting Poole pottery and found your information very interesting
and comprehensive. I have book marked it and know that I will be referring to it often.
You have inspired me to really continue with this new hobby.

Name: Linda
From: Newport
Date: 14 January, 2013


Hello, a great website! My parents collected Poole, I bought them various pieces and started my own collection. When they died I kept the pieces I liked, gave some to a friend and sold the rest. Now adding to my own collection again - I especially love the purple colour used in the designs c1930.

Name: Sandra
From: Hassocks
Date: 29 December, 2012


Really informative and useful site. Have enjoyed reading your buying tips and much else about this fascinating subject. Many thanks for sharing your expert knowledge so generously.

Name: BRI
Date: 06 November, 2012



Name: John
From: Retford
Date: 29 October, 2012


Congratulations on a great site! Just bought a vase from a charity shop; your data base enabled me to identify the factory mark (21), paintress (Norah Preston), and date (1934). Thank you.


Name: Bryan (boots)
From: Newcastle UK 
Date: 27 September, 2012


Thank you for helping to educate me re Poole spent a very pleasant hour browsing your site I have collected Poole for a few years now not to the same degree as yourself but got a few bits my trouble is I collect lots of things don’t seem able to stick to one but always been fond of Poole very colourful and diverse and it’s amazing how when people find you collect they all want to give or sell you odd bits they have, Now that brings me to my question do you know why the plate shield has 2 numbers 91 and 92 I have them both but always wondered why. Regards Boots 


Hi Bryan

Thanks for your nice comments.  I'm not sure I can answer your question though, as I've only seen 91s before.  sometimes the numbers done print properly so 81 can look like 31, but I cant see that been the case here.  I wonder if someone just marked then with the wrong number, it was probably hard to remember which to use as there isn't very much logic to the numbering, that I can make out anyway.

Best wishes, Rob


Name: Carmen
From: Edmonton AB
Date: 23 September, 2012


I just bought a Contemporary vase at auction and sent a photo to my friend. He sent me your link: fantastic. I have a collection of Traditional, Contemporary, and Delphis. You are now on my "Favorites" list

Name: eddy
From: newport pagnell
Date: 18 August, 2012


Hi rob i have just spent the best part of a day looking around your website TERRIFIC!. I bet your proud of it very informative &well structured. glad someone has offered their knowledge to one &all . Well done rob

Name: geraldine
From: bath
Date: 25 July, 2012


hi enjoyed looking at your site, I have a interesting Poole Romany caravan with horse ornament I cant find anything anywhere that comes close to it, have you any ideas? I have enjoyed looking at what you have put on your site. thanks. Geraldine.

Hi Geraldine, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was on holiday.  I don't think I've seen an ornament like you describe either. though I Am a bit narrow in focusing on Poole just from a few periods. Hope you can find out more from somewhere. Rob

Name: Geoff
From: Torquay
Date: 13 July, 2012


Enjoyed reading this greatly. I am a lover of the Delphis range and wish to expand my knowledge more. Your site has certainly helped. Thanks

Name: claudia
From: fairfield, california USA
Date: 08 July, 2012


I was so pleased with your site, so much great information, thank-you for sharing all your knowledge.

Name: Michele
From: Hastings, New Zealand
Date: 22 April, 2012


Great site. You have an amazing collection.

Name: Jay  
From: New Zealand
Date: 15 April, 2012


Thank you for fantastic, detailed website. It helped in indentifying my inherited plates. 

Name: Emma
From: stockport
Date: 12 April, 2012


Hi Rob, i found your site very interesting and useful. I am interested in buying some Poole pieces and wanted to do some research first, yours seemed to be the only easy to access site offering up loads of info

Hi Emma, good luck with starting your collection

Name: Hilary
From: Coulsdon
Date: 25 March, 2012


Hello Rob,
1st time visitor to your site,really interesting & informative but your link to the "V&A's online database" doesn't work at all.
Thanks, Hilary, Coulsdon Surrey.

Hi Hilary, thanks for spotting that - all fixed now

Name: Al
From: Belfast
Date: 21 February, 2012


i have a twin tone full dinner set that has three colours. the mark is either o100 or 0100
my question is the set has pieces with 3 colours. peach handles, ice cream inside and classic blue outside.
my mum collected the materials since 1942. onwards
i will send a photo, but i have to wash the entire set before I photo it all properly
does the twin tone set have 3 colours

Hi Al, Poole made a few different ranges of tableware, most of which are not represented on this site, so yours might not be twintone.  If you want to email me a photo using the "contact me" link above then I'll do my best to identify it, Rob


Name: Trish
From: Australia
Date: 12 December, 2011


Hi Rob I have a small lidded jar stamped Poole England also with marks 527 a slash /RE and a squiggle that looks like a "W: with a curl at the top and a dot in the middle. Can you tell me about it?

Hi Trish, could you send me a photo by email I can reply easier that way too - you can get my email from the "Contact me" link above or at the very bottom of this page, Rob

Name: Audrey
From: Toronto
Date: 19 November, 2011


I purchased a small plate at a jumble sale with the poole pottery stamp on the bottom, under the stamp is the number 5 and beside it is what looks like a capital letter L.It has a very nice rim on the front and the picture is two dimensional of two field mice in wheat . Also on the front are what looks likes the
letter B and underneath N.Your website shows that the type of stamp Poole stamp was used from
1924 to 1950 but I haven't been able to find this exact plate. it is small about 4 to 5 inches across.
I would appreciate any information you could give me about this plate 
thank you

hi Audrey, 

I think your plate is made from stoneware and was designed by Barbara Lindsey Adams in the early 1980's.  There are a few very slightly different impressed stamps reading "Poole England" some of which are not on my list yet, so sorry if I have added to any confusion.  The other mark will be the painters mark, but I'm not really very knowledgeable about this period.  Thanks for contacting me, best wishes, Rob 

Name: Sherri
From: Minneapolis
Date: 31 October, 2011


Hello from Minnesota (USA)! What a wonderful site you have. I think Poole pottery items are just beautiful. I haven't been collecting for long but I love what I have so far. My SPECIAL piece is an Oliver Bourne "Sugar for the Birds" box with lid I believe this to be a cigarette box?? I've seen the plate online but I haven't seen this box anywhere. Thank you for such a great and informative website. I'll check in often.

Name: Judi
From: Wimborne
Date: 31 October, 2011


Very informative site. However we can't find the item we have or any thing like it. It is a basket with a handle made according to the mark between 1952 and 1955. We cannot trace the painter. We have photos - do you think you could help?

Hi Judi, my collection only gives a limited view of the range of pots that Poole made over the years.  I'm always happy to help identify pots though.  My email address is at the bottom of the page.

Name: Susie
From: London
Date: 07 October, 2011


This is a special website and I so hope you will keep updating it from time to time. I am a recent convert to Poole, and spend way longer than I should checking ebay for pieces to add to my collection of twintone (ice green and seagull) and freeform featherdrift.  I love the "your pots" section, and one day will add a photograph to it.

Thanks Susie, Its always good to see photos of other peoples collections so will look forward to adding yours one day, Rob

Name: Terry
From: Bordeaux
Date: 12 September, 2011


I found your site while searching for paintings of Patrick Heron and found "Reclining Nude on Iron Bed" here. I was born near Park Gates in Poole and went to Poole Grammar School. Poole Pottery, especially the factory and seconds shop on the quay, is part of the background music of my life. I was very sad that the quayside factory had to go.

Name: Su
From: Oxford
Date: 18 August, 2011


Thanks for this fascinating and informative site. It's helpful to see how the designs (shapes and patterns) progressed and changed over the years. Also to be able to put a date on a vase left to me by a relative. (I'm not really in a position to buy at present the eBay link could be useful.)

Name: Greg
From: Rhyl
Date: 26 July, 2011


Hi Rob,
Great site lots of lovely pots!!  I picked up a Robert Jefferson "Black Pebble" tea set from a car boot sale a couple of years ago, it is my prize possession!! the feel of the galze and quality of the printed design is amazing.  The cups,saucers and plate are in perfect condition probably unused, the teapot has a couple of small chips in the spout but only minor and I guess could be rstored easily?  I'll follow your collection with interest.

Name: Mark
From: Ilfracombe
Date: 17 July, 2011


Have been watching your collection grow for some time now , great fun , and reasurrig to know others have a similar affliction as myself . Love all the comments on the blog about "slippery slopes" , very familiar to me . Thanks for sharing your adventure

Thanks Mark, A|ways nice to know folks are reading all this stuff.  As a fellow collector if you ever want to share some photos of pots I'd be happy to post them on here.

Name: Bigsey
From: Cwmbran, UK
Date: 29 June, 2011


Thank you Rob for both a fantastic site and a swift response yesterday to my questions.  Keep up the good work, I learnt a lot from the info you provide.

Name: Theresa
From: Alberta, Canada
Date: 27 June, 2011


THANK YOU for the great site it was very easy to navigate and the information was very helpful!  I didn't even know what Poole is until I recently purchased a tea service.  I just loved the look of it so I bought it.  It's the Feather Drift pattern and now I can work on replacing the chipped saucer.  Thank you again!

Name: Mandy
From: NSW  Australia
Date: 21 June, 2011


A wonderul site, spent a couple of hours browsing and learning. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and passion!

Name: JohnBush
From: dPNfUhlEkSLzwjys
Date: 24 May, 2011


Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.

Name: Bill
From: Warrington
Date: 19 May, 2011


Rob.  I have got what I presume (from your v helpful Site) are 3 Delphis plates.  I note you say that these started to be retailed in the mid 1960's.  I remember my mother and father buying them when we spent a week in Bournmouth on holiday when I was a kid (maybe directly from the Poole factory?).  I was about  13 or 14 or so at the time - so this would have been around 1960, maybe 1961.  Does that make sense - was the Delphis design around at the very start of the 1960's?  One has 4 written on on it and is initialed - like L7, but not quite - the 7 is lower than the L.  The other two are number 3 and signed like a W, but with an A on top, and the other signed like a J but with an arrow pointing downwards at the top right.  Make sense?!!

Hi Bill, thanks for your comment.  It's nice to have pottery that's been in the family so long from new.  The very earliest Delphis style pieces are from about 1962 and these would have a back stamp that reads "Poole Studio".  If yours have this mark then they could sate form the start of the 1960 and would also be much more valuable and collectable than the later ones.  The name "studio" was dropped in 1966, so if your plates just read "Poole England" with the dolphin picture then they date after then.  I can't think what the marks might be but if you want to send an email with a photo- via the "contact me" link above - I'd be happy to help.  Best wishes, Rob

Name: esteban
From: san diego, ca.  usa
Date: 16 May, 2011


thanks for the site i finally matched my vase.  it is number 354  OR pattern by gertie warren 1922-1927

Name: Helen
From: Chippenham
Date: 14 May, 2011


Thanks for your fantastic site-I was trying to identify a bowl & now know it is ROC pattern shape 431 by Alfred Read & Diane Holloway from 1952-58 .Brilliant.

Name: John
From: Lymington
Date: 18 April, 2011


Hi. Haven't visited for a while and the collection has improved since the last time I looked. Keep up the good work.

Name: Gill
From: Barnham West Sussex
Date: 31 March, 2011


First of all THANK YOU for so much information!
I have a few bits of Poole and could not find anything about the tiny bowl and lid my mum gave to me years ago. From your informaton I have found that it was made between 1952 - 55 (as old as me!!), by Sheila Jenkins (1949-61) On the base of the pot are the numbers 527?? Thanks again

Name: Lauren
From: Milton Keynes


What a wonderful resource for collectors you have created Rob! I'm really glad I found your website, the photos of the decorators marks are particularly useful to me as new collector.

Name: Jeremy
From: Wareham


Having been born and raised in Poole in the late forties, the name Poole Pottery always takes me back to those times. My mother had quite a few pieces which were in daily use. I have three of the wall ducks. This site of yours is excellent. It makes interesting browsing.You have certainly put in a lot of time and effort. Well done.

Name: Rosemary
From: Margate


Being new to collecting Poole pottery this is a great site for information to help me through all the pitfalls of collecting. Have you thought of writing a book? " Starting a Poole pottery collection". Something for you to think about.

Hi Rosemary, thank you for writing that, I'm glad you've found the site helpful.  I'm flattered that you think I'd make an auther, though not sure I really have the expertise for that myself. Best wishes, Rob

Name: Jean Matthews
From: Dorset


It was nice seeing my old friends, I loved my time working at Poole Pottery. I am now married, Have three children and seven grandchildren. My name now is Matthews nee Millership.

Hello Jean - Thank you for leaving a comment.  I'm glad you found my site. Hearing from you and also Janet Parker Laird really makes it worth while. I'd always welcome any thoughts of ideas you have for the site.  Best wishes, Rob

Name: Janet Parker Laird
From: Dorset


Well done, as usual a very well photographed site. Really nice to see such an important designer being recognised .

Name: Yvonne
From: Melbourne Australia


This is a very useful & interesting site.
Many thanks.

Name: Sue
From: salisbury


Great site will spend sometime browsing. Are you a member of the collectors club? There are loads of interesting photos on the gallery well worth a visit.

Name: Julia
From: Bedford U.K


What a brilliant site this is for poole pottery so easy to read and find what you need and the host Rob is very good at his knowledge on poole pottery love coming back to look at his wares and the help he gives you brilliant

Name: Alice
From: Matlock


Hello Rob,  I was delighted to come across your website this morning.  I've got a few pieces of Poole pottery off Ebay over the last year, I buy them to use in my kitchen because I love the shapes and glazes.  I just bought a freeform butter dish and was trying to find out more about it when I found you.  The time line and introduction to different styles is great.
Thanks for taking the time to create the site, I'm sure I'll be back.

Name: Liz
From: Newcastle u Lyme


 A vey nice collection, I wouldn't mind it myself. Well described too. Have just been down to Poole to drool over their collection. I have been collecting for a number of years and saw my first piece of Traditional Poole at a friends house way back in the very early 50's. My mother started to collect small pieces and eventually gave them to me and I have enlarged (both ways) my collection and just love it but I try to restrain my spending, the most I have spent is a £100 on one item. Regards.

Name: Ian
From: Altrincham


Thanks for all the work you have put in on this site. I saw some poole pottery in an auction recently and wish I had made a higher bid. If had seen your site before I would have been better informed. I will come back to this site again. Thanks again

Name: Lionel
From: Felixstowe


Thanks for your help i've just got my first three poole items to start my collecting and your site helped me to get started

Name: Janna
From: Newhaven


Absolutely fabulous site!!  I searched for ages for the information I needed, and you had it all the time. FANTASTIC - you will be one of my favourites.  Thanks for your dedication.

Name: Barry
From: Hitchin


I think the site is well worth the effort put into it, the content is very informative, even though I could not find my particular artists mark on the bowl I have, which is underneath my banana's

Hi Barry, thanks for that - I bet your banana's are shown off at their best. If you want to email a photo of the painters mark on your bowl, I'd be happy to post it either with a name or as a yet unidentified painter.

Name: Vicki
From: Auckland New Zealand


I have a Poole Black Pebble set:

2 x platters
6 x cups & saucers
6 x dinner plates
6 x side plates
6 x salad plates
6 x desert plates
1 x gravy boat and saucer
2 x tereines (I hope this is the right spelling) with lids

What else is there? I know there is the coffee pot and Tea pot, sugar bowl and soup bowls....where can I buy these items.??

Name: shugden antiques
From: oldham/ashton


Brilliant & helpful site, a great labour of love. many thanks Robb

Name: Barbara Hay
From: Adelaide South Australia


Rob - apart from the book "Poole Pottery" Edited by Paul Atterbury. - your site has been the most visual, informative & fun site I have come across - I purchase Poole, mainly delphis on eBay & on sell it at a local Auction house here in South Australia - comes all the way from UK & never a broken piece, I suspect Sellers are daunted by the distance & package well + Poole is sturdy. My true collecting love is Moorcroft, William only, buy I often drool over Poole pieces from the Art deco era - Congratulations again on your fantastic site & thank you for sharing you Poole expertise

Name: Debbie
From: Dudley, West Midlands


Hi Rob, have just come across your site by accident - just looking at Poole items on ebay.  We have been collecting Poole Pottery for over 20 years and have a large collection of mainly delphis pieces.  My husband has a small collection of Atlantis which is his baby!  Your site is amazing and you will definitely be put on our favourites list. When I get the time I will send you some photos of our collection
regards Debbie

Name: Donelle
From: Perth Australia


Hi there I have just been looking at your site, it is brilliant!! I have a fairly large collection of delphis (about 50 pieces at last count) they range from small pin dishes through to chargers and a very large carved vase. I fell in love with my first piece over 20 years ago now and still get excited when I come across a piece somewhere (a lot more rare now). I will be visiting again, thankyou for putting this site together.

Name: Robin
From: Auckland, New Zealand


Great site, thanks.  I have a couple of pieces of Poole Delphis.  Just love the bright colours, Carol Cutler and Jean Millership
are favourite artists, and I have a round poole vase by Angela .....forgot the surname.
I love the yellow pin dish that  is your "motto" if that's the right word.  Silly question, is it for sale or part of your current collection?
Will continue to visit, but if you do have a Jean Millership pin dish with bright yellow and/or bright orange, I would be an interested party!!

Name: susan
From: kingston upon thames


Hi, I love your site ! I had so many things to do today and I just seem to have been sitting here for hours looking at all your fabulous pages. It's really informative and so well put together. I commend you. Thanks for putting together such a brilliant site. Please keep adding to it.

Regards, Suze

Name: Keith
From: London


Hi Rob,
excellent site, very informative, still plenty to go through, what a great collection you have, thanks for sharing your knowledge and showing your collection.

Name: Harald Pavely Nødtvedt
From: Skien, Norway


Thanks for an informative website. I'm specially interested in the traditional period since I happen to be Ruth Pavely's nephew!
Harald Pavely Nødtvedt

Thanks Harald, I'm glad you found the site.  It was the Delphis ware of the 1960's that first got me collecting Poole, but as time has gone on I've begun to appreciate much more the traditional pieces for their style and the skill needed to make them.  I really treasure the few pots I have that your Aunt decorated.


Name: maggie
From: saundersfoot


Hiya love your Poole pots  have you any idea where i can get some omega pottery? would love a cup and saucer and any other to add to my collection its very hard to find


Hi Maggie, Glad you like my pots,  I don't have any that date back to the time of Carter and Co's collaborations with artists from the Omega workshop and I've not seen many either - I think you must have quite a rare collection.


Name: Mat
From: Soham, Nr Ely.


Absolutely invaluable web site and obviously run with passion. Many thanks for your help,

mat W


Name: Ewan and Carole 
From: Sydney, Australia

Dear Rob,

Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with your Poole web site -  a
friend has just given us the address.  We are particularly delighted with being
able to see some views of the Poole Museum, that we will make a point of
visiting during our next visit to the UK.

We have been collecting Poole (amongst other things!) for several years now, and
our interest lies mainly in the earliest ware, seeing how quickly the new CSA
partnership transformed the early Carter pieces, that were amazing anyway, into
an astonishing art form.

Thank you for sharing your passion with others.

Best wishes

Ewan and Carole 

Name: Roger
From: Sydney, Aust.


Great site, good information and links, and some great pictures. Nice collection!

Name: dayandnite123
From: lancashire


 Due to the help I gained from your site I have recently been able to communicate by email with Mary Albon.
This was mainly due to your list of paintress marks. I am truely grateful for your wonderful site. Many thanks.



                       BRIAN  SMITH

Name: Jane
From: Axbridge


This is a really good site, thanks, I have now precisely identified my 1974/5 Delphis vase, and know who decorated it!

Name: Pearl
From: Benfleet


What an excellent site! I have added it to my favourites and I look forward to spending more time looking through all the material you offer.

Name: Carol
From: Savannah, Georgia


Hi again,
I did some research on your site, which is fabulous by the way.  I think the marks are as follows:
EE for the pattern designed by Nelllie Bishton (1927 - 32), and a circle with a line through it which I think stands for Eileen Prangnell.  There is another similar mark for Pat Summers, but it is heavier handed.
I am so excited to learn this much.
Thank you for this wonderful website.

Name: Carol
From: Savannah, Georgia


I have been researching Poole Pottery because my maiden name is Poole.  My father was born in south Georgia, USA, but I am sure that the ancestors trace back to Poole England.
I bought a small piece of Poole Pottery on eBay with the initials EE on the bottom.  Any clue as to who that might be?

Name: Mariana


I started recently collecting Poole pottery and have learned an enormous amount from your website!

In regards to my last purchase on E-bay, I am not so sure if it should be considered a success….lol.
I purchased two plates as per below:

As you can see there is no crazing mentioned in either of the descriptions. My question is: To what extent
does crazing devalue the object? And does the degree of crazing ( one of the plates has more crazing than the other,
or at least more obvious) influence the price?
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,


Hi Mariana, Thanks for your kind comments about my website. I'm glad you liked it. 

The plates you have there look great. I was tracking them on ebay myself and think i might have bidded on one of them too. I'm sure quite a few other people were bidding alongside us also though.

In terms of the crazing. I think it is a matter of personal preference to some degree. On Delphis, I would almost always expect to see crazing on the coloured glazes. Some like the transparent blues and greens for example are always very visibly crazed. Other colours may have crazing so fine that its imperceptible in most lighting. I personally don't mind any of this. 

I am more put off if there is any staining to the clay body which can happen once the glaze crazes, water, cigarette smoke, all sorts of things can stain the porous clay, and this can show through the colours. Given the choice I would also prefer the white areas, at the back of plates and inside vases to be uncrazed. However a good 50% of my Delphis plates have crazing to the back, so it is very common. 

The good news I think is because crazing on the reverse of Delphis plates is so common, I don't think it greatly effects the value. I think also with Delphis, because they're not all that old, if you aimed to collect only uncrazed pieces, there's a good chance that some of them might still begin to craze after you bought them. I think they will do this overtime with changes in humidity and temperature. Plates that are very heavily crazed, I suspect, may have been soaked in water at some point to remove stains, or washed excessively. Overall I think you've got two good looking plates for reasonable prices.

When listing items on ebay I think a lot of sellers don't mention crazing, and on delphis or older traditional red bodied Poole I just assume that it will be crazed. I think Poole collectors are not meant to mind this. If I'm buying any of the 1050's freeform or any tableware I always ask about crazing if not mentioned as i think those ideally should be uncrazed.

Do you mind if I post your nice comments and part of your question (excluding the lot information) on my site?

Good to hear from you


Name: Peter K
From: Auckland


Great site. Very informative.
Have been collecting for a few years now. Still find the occasional good find here in New Zealand.
Keep it up.

Name: maggie
From: bournmouth


a great site- i had not expected to see 2 of my items at the bottom of your site linked by a widget.
You are a saved seller because of the quality Poole you sell.
I missed out on the geometric vase today.
Its nice to see your collection with different patterns.

Name: Dan
From: Boston


what a great website! I love the colour scheme and the userfriendly layout,please have a look at

we would be happy to set up a link to this site.
Keep up the great work.

Name: Marion
From: Ipswich


Fantastic site - full of useful info and so user friendly.  Thank you!

Name: Patrick


My wife has some Poole Pottery, which we can't seem to find on your excellent site, if I can describe it to you as follows,  it consists of a Teapot, Sugar dish, Milk jug and two Cups and Saucers, Floral Design on the outside, and Brown Coloured on the inside.
The Poole Logo seems to take it to the Fifties, Sixties, but the signature doesn't seem to match any on your site, so I'm a bit stumped.
Please can you help.

Hi Patrick, Thanks for your kind comments about the site.  Poole used floral designs on tableware right from the 1930's onwards.  The combination of brown colouring inside and painted decoration does suggest to me 1950's.  There are a lot of artist marks that as yet I haven't been able to include on the site.  If you have any photo's I'd be happy to have a go at identifying the pottery you have.  The contact email for me is at the page.   Good luck, Rob

Name: Harvey
From: London
Date: 10 January 2009
Time: 00:25


It is always good to see an enthusiasts website, so I was delighted to find this one.
The site is easy to navigate, nicely laid out  and has some lovely pictures.  Keep up the good work Rob, I think you will have some more treats in store for us.


Name: Siggy
From: Somerset
Date: 04 January 2009
Time: 21:30


Very interesting and well documented site.  Useful information regarding marks etc.  Good photos.

Name: Graham
From: West Yorkshire
Date: 26 November 2008
Time: 19:33


Hi - excellent site and great clear pictures. Think the backstamp/marks section is very useful!
Keep up the good work :)

Name: Justin 
From: Worcester
Date: 08 November 2008
Time: 15:42


Hi. Great site- interesting to see a collection featured this way. I have a huge collection of plain and twintone Poole my self- it is the simplicity of the form of the 50s vases and pots I particularly like. 


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